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Lee Rumsey Haga

During the years that I lived on the Oregon coast, I was continually inspired by the beauty of the coast line. I am drawn to the abstract shapes found on a beach, like a wave surrounding a rock, or a cliff protruding sharply into the volume of the sea. The Oregon coast is similar to Japan's coast, and my personal aesthetics mirror their philosophy of wabi-sabi, or rustic simplicity. In my jewelry and sculpture, I endeavor to combine contemporary Western metalsmithing techniques, like reticulation, hydraulic press or anti-clastic forming, with Japanese aesthetics and appreciation of natural materials. I have been a custom goldsmith/metalsmith for 30 years, and am particularly intrigued with the traditional Japanese alloys, shibuichi and mokume-gane, which were used in the Samurai arms and armor centuries ago.

The textural and coloristic properties of these wonderful metals give my work an ancient volcanic or oceanic feeling which I contrast with the smoothness of an agate, the warmth of copper or the brilliance of gold. Currently, I have been casting shibuichi and making my own mokume-gane billets. With these metals I design a line of "Pacific Rim" jewelry.

I received my Master's degree from Lewis and Clark College, and am the metalsmithing/jewelry-making instructor at Mt. Hood Community College, near Portland, Oregon. I enjoy incorporating Asian concepts into some of the student projects because we can learn much from older cultures.

Tina Heaton's Work at RiverSea Gallery

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Yin Yang

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